Is God only "Good"?

I gotta be honest with you because that’s what I’m about and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this sentence, I’m growing tired of the frequently articulated phrase “God is good”.

I find myself saying it from rote memory after random-ass warm-and-fuzzy feelings come over me, when bae folds fitted sheets, because I hate fitted sheets and they hate me, or after really basic things like when my Amazon Prime order arrives a day early (Take that! Take that! *Diddy dance*)

For real, though, but after my emotional gaze glosses over, I oftentimes wonder to myself: Am I oversimplifying God? Am I boxing God into a humanistic value system that doesn’t even really make sense? How come we say “God is good” but never “God is bad”? If God is everything, why do we pick and choose what to attribute to God?  If God is pure energy and energy is neither good nor bad, but only formed into physical matter as is directed by our positive or negative intentions and then interpreted based on our collective human experience, then what the hell have we been talking about all this time as it relates to God?

Is our concept and relationship with God stymied because of our enthusiastic ignorance?

I think so and here are three reasons why:

1.       God is not a genie in a bottle and you, me, and we are not Ray J singing for wishes. I believe that things either happen or don’t happen in our lives because they serve to graduate us to our greater good. They exist to evolve us from point A to point B, whatever those points represent in our individualized evolution plan. Let’s call it an IEP, analogous to the IEPs developed between parent, educator, and student to help them succeed in school.

2.       The devil really doesn’t hate on us as much as we (some of us) think “he” does. Beelzebub is probably really not checkin’ for us. He’s too busy trappin’ on IG. LOL

3.       Finally, and most importantly, the choices we make every second, minute, hour, day, week, etc. have more control over our day-to-day experience than anything and anyone else we give away our power to.

If we’re going to erroneously invoke God in one thing shouldn’t we do so in everything? Otherwise, where’s the balance? Where’s the harmony?

I don’t know anything so don’t ask me any follow-up questions.  I’m simply asking for a friend. Just kidding. Let’s discuss it.