America in Distress

I believe that the fundamental reason why America is continuously at odds with herself is that, by choice, the populace chooses to be ignorant of truth. We continue to process the behavior of the present-day outside of the contextual behavior of the past yet we wonder why we cannot close the loop of ignorance.

I’m not saying that we should bed down with  history and become anesthetized with nostalgia, but we desperately need to intimate ourselves with our past so that we can engage in better-informed conversations---the kind that are rooted in absolute facts that will reveal clues about the past in the present because, surely, much of the past is being repeated.

Though I didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump, I do reluctantly acknowledge that he is the President of the United States and while I do wholly respect and understand the rebellious spirit that wishes he and his Cheetos-encrusted family would disappear, barring impeachment or God forbid, reelection, we are forced to deal with them for a little while longer—3 years. Now, it doesn’t mean that I like the man nor does it mean that I want him to finish out his term. No. All it means is that I simply choose to spend more energy standing in the truth of what is than in the fallacy of what is not.

I accept the demonstratively telling fact that the American body politic as a collective whole elected President Trump, if not in actual ballot votes, definitely in spirit,  and while it is disappointing, as a conscientious student of history, I am not surprised in the least.

During Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure, highly-racialized and xenophobic-based sedition simmered in the hearts and minds of radicalized Republicans and Tea Party hatetriots and for what? Many say simply because he was a Black man. Resultantly so, when it was time to take the electoral wheel, they elected a man that has probably more in common with America’s 7th president, the reprobate Andrew Jackson, who served from 1829 to 1837 than any other president in the 20th and 21st century.

In order for America to evolve, she has to first acknowledge that she desperately needs to change. I’m talking about change that starts from the top, in the highest levels of government, all the way down to the lowest---the democratic citizenry of America’s roughshod rural towns, unkept urban ghettos, and maleficent metropolitan cities. She has to admit that she is hemorrhaging internally and the prognosis is grim.

Answers are revealed in consciousness when we are ready to receive them. No matter the state of emergency or current crisis, America has proven ad nauseum that she is ill-prepared to receive answers to the questions that her people legislate, debate, commentate, and meme about.

In my estimation, conditions will continue to worsen before they begin to improve and while I do strive daily to be an embodiment of compassion and love, it doesn’t mean that my hope for change in others is not dampened by the pestilent undercurrents of white supremacy in America.