The Wages of Fear

In the aftermath of the heinous killings in El Paso, TX, I couldn’t help but to ponder that, sadly, mass killings are no longer isolated incidents, and we all need to seriously consider donning “full battle rattle” before we step outside of our safe and protected zones to do what we’ve always done while wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flips or sandals, like, grab a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk from the local grocery store.

We used to be shook of drive-by shootings in and on the streets and sidewalks so we did our best to maintain a heightened awareness and protective posture of situational awareness, and steered clear of the socioeconomically pressurized, instaneously flammable areas of America’s inner cities as best as we reasonably could.

Times have changed.

Now, the experience of walking through the aisles of a grocery store or the hallways of a shopping mall, to some, will be remembered to be no different than navigating through a battlefield.

The goal of terrorism has been and is to invoke and instill fear within the hearts and minds of a group of people to the extent that it affects and alters their way of life in a way that supports the terrorist’s ultimate goal.

The active ingredient of terrorism under the auspices of white supremacy is white fear.

White people have been staying up all night clutching their pearls, peeking through the blinds, calling 911, cleaning their guns, disrupting cookouts and pool parties, denying equal justice and access to opportunity, inserting themselves in Black folk business, and gnashing their teeth ever since Black and Brown people were enslaved—then emancipated over 400 years later—by the direct-to-DVD racism of white men, white women, white politics, a bastardized version of Christianity, and a white economy who were and are the immediate benefactors of an insidious domestic terrorist regime that hides in plain sight, feigns ignorance, and strikes strategically and haphazardly with impunity.

At the feverish pitch America is accelerating without consequence, it is going to implode. The gap between the rich and the poor is not sustainable. The hate that festers in the hearts and minds of white people is unacceptable. And the love that we can’t seem to collectively cultivate within ourselves is calcifying us from the inside out.

In ancient times, Babylon fell and so did Rome.

America, the world’s dominant superpower, is next if she doesn’t let go of her ego to make room to receive the collective healing she desperately needs in lump sum instead of a long, protracted installment plan that could be distupted by the whims of the “enemy” of this world.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” - Matthew 22:39

Credit: UC Berkeley

Credit: UC Berkeley