You Can’t Binge Watch Your Health

Our overall health and wellbeing is not something that we can neglect and then expect to make up for in one weekend. Nah. That’s not how it works.

It has to be so important to us that we conscientiously commit to doing what is necessary every day to ensure that we not only continue to live, but, more importantly, thrive.

Lately, Mental Health has had a very prominent seat at the table, if you will, with a spotlight and a microscope on it, and for good reason, too.

For far too long many of us have suffered in silence, shamed because of our emotions and feelings, but today our voices are increasingly being heard, and we are daring greatly to seek out the forms of care that we need in order to heal and be nurtured back to wholeness. I celebrate that.

That said, let’s continue to do the daily work that is necessary, not focusing on the next person, but focusing on ourselves.

Our paths are different. Your path is different than mine and mine is different than yours.

Still, we are all connected to love.

I believe in you. ✊🏾♥️💪🏾🧠💯