Self-made? Nah. Grace-made.

“So above all, constantly chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the righteousness that proceeds from him. Then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.” Matthew 6:33 (TPT)

What if the thing you desire is lacking because your focus is on yourself and not on God? What if the next level you’ve wanted to ascend to for so long keeps slipping from your grasp because you are relying on your own resources, your own connections, your own mental and physical strength? And what if the followers you desire to grow your audience and make a valuable impact on, and ultimately change their lives and yours are missing because you continue to screen and silence the call on your life?

In society today, the expression “self-made” is used heavily. But how arrogant is that? You didn’t make yourself, God did. And, yeah, I get the premise of the expression, but, still, it’s incorrect. You might have followed through on an idea, but guess who gave you that idea? You might have persevered, but guess who inspired (breathed life into you) to persevere? Yup. God.

I dare you to give God the credit for your life and in your life as you go throughout your day. You don’t have to be weird about it, either. You don’t need to nor should you beat yourself or other people over the head with the Bible. That’s not cool and Black women, especially, don’t want you touching their hair. You don’t even need to post about Him on your social media platforms 24/7/365 because that likely off-putting and renders you alienated you from the very people you desire to connect with. Remember, intentions don’t absolve us from effects. Simply be your authentic self and share your story. In fact, that’s all I do.

I’m still Chris. Flawed, but enhanced by God’s grace.

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