Mental Health Matters

I’m not going to presume to know the details of Kate Spade’s departure from the physical plane because I don’t, but I will say this: We all can do better job of getting involved in the lives of the people around us.

We live in a content-driven world that, if we allow it, will program us to know a little about a lot, pivoting from one superficial issue to the next discarding it as soon as we are fed something else. Yet oftentimes we remain derelict in our duty to love the people that are only within a few degrees of separation from us.

Ask yourself, when is the last time you called someone instead of texting them? When is the last time you put your phone down and engaged in face-to-face conversation? When is the last time you asked someone “How are you doing?” and actually meant it because you paused and waited for their response? You don’t have to respond in the comments sections, but do answer in your own heart.

Many say that “life is tough” and I agree that it is, but I’ll damned if I don’t reach out to someone that is displaying the markers of life-threatening behavior.

We are very self-absorbed and in denial, living in a “Look at me and what I’m doing right now”, “I got enough problems of my own to worry about yours” world, constantly competing and comparing to the extent that we are indifferent to the people to our left and to our right.

Adolescents are massacring other adolescents and adults at schools and urban cities across the country and adults, whether they are educated on dealing with life’s challenges or not, are checking out with finality.

Why is that?

We’re contending with a mental health crisis and we all need to stop what we’re doing and talk about it. Stop telling people to “Be Strong”. Hell, stop telling people to “Be” anything. Besides, strong is not an emotion, it’s a state of mind that has to be developed and it doesn’t happen overnight. By definition, our emotions are fluid. They are “in motion”. That said, we all should allow ourselves to experience, express, and release the plurality of emotions on the emotional spectrum. Because if we don’t, those emotions will remain suppressed, slowly ticking away like a time bomb awaiting its imminent and often detrimental detonation.

To those who read this with contempt, this is not an indictment because no one is perfect, but an inquiry:

Who can I help? 

Who can I listen to? 

Who can I celebrate?