Canned Convo is Like Canned Food. It’s Crap.

After being duped by yet another canned response on IG, I realized something:

Canned conversation is like canned food. It’s crap.

Now before you blow up my comments section, allow me to defend myself. 🔫😂 I’m not referring to emails sent to subscribers on an email list. A subscriber shouldn’t complain about receiving emails that they subscribed to whether knowingly or unknowingly because that’s just, well, again, shitty.

I’m talmbout transmitting templated-based messages to people that have neither coherence or correlation instead of taking the time to really get to know your audience. And, yeah, I know, you can’t have a one-on-one conversation with everyone in the world. Neither, you, me, or Sweet Brown have time for that. But what we can do is take the time to communicate an organic comment at least once a day that’s not created, cultivated, curated by artificial intelligence.

Most of us are connected to the Internet in one form or another, but at the same time, many of us are also disconnected from humanity. Why is that?

A few weeks ago, in response to the unfortunate and unexpected deaths of two particular celebrity figures, “Have you checked on your strong friend?” responses went seemingly viral. Overnight, everyone became über concerned about their fellow man/woman. Today, weeks later, I have to wonder if that concern still has a pulse.

Let’s all face it. Mass communication via social media isn’t going anywhere. Ever. So buckle your seat belts and scroll safely. Social media is a highly innovative and effective tool. It has an ability to enhance communication, but at the same time it has the ability to highlight the flaws in our communication and people skills, and that’s what is most alarming to me.

The exposure to self-aggrandizement, selfishness, sex, scarcity, fear-based ad hominem attacks, exploitation, and just downright evil in some cases gives me pause and I wonder, were we always like this? 🤔