Stay humble

Every now and again I have to remind myself of my roots. When paying my bills on time becomes habit, when securing the bag with chinos from Banana Republic (40% off) feels organic, and when unflinchingly splurging on discipline pants from Lulu Lemon (with a 15% military discount of course) is rewarding, I have to remind myself how far I’ve come because it wasn’t always like this

Which is why I never get too boujee (sp) for Ramen. I remember the days when this enriched-wheat-flour-based, stomach-saving packet of noodles with enough sodium to make a salt shaker jealous was “how I got over”

“Back in my day” these were clutch. I mean, who of you didn’t eat these? Come out from among us so we can publicly denounce you as a bold-face liar and banish you to the aisles of Giants (yes, with an S) to obtain, not the, but, THEE relic of struggles past that will quench your hunger and thirst for ratchetness

Whether you ate them as-is or doctored them with hot sauce, hot dogs, or whatever else that suited your pantry-based fancy, you slurped these noodles like they were the second coming of soup

So the next time you walk down a grocery aisle and you happen to see these lying on the shelf, whether in singles or economy size, lean over to them and in a still, small voice simply whisper, “Thank you!” 😂😫🙌🏾