Do the Work. Don’t Get Attached to the Outcome.

I’m grateful for empowering friendships! I just had an hour-plus-long conversation with someone that I can honestly call a friend (I don’t throw that term around loosely).


It’s rewarding to be able to grow together. It’s healthy to be able to esteem one another without expectation or attachment. It’s liberating to be able to love (agape) someone without trespassing the boundaries of established agreements. It’s beautiful to witness the blossoming of one’s flower knowing that at one point you planted the seeds (some, not all) of their evolution.


I’m not keen on announcing my New Year resolutions, not that I don’t believe in personal development or life visioning, because I absolutely do, but more so because, to me, they seem to be an exercise in knee-jerk showmanship and requests for external validation. However, I will say this, and I’m really speaking to myself more than anyone else:


Do the work.

Don’t get attached to the outcome.


Share that gift.

Shine that light.

Write that essay.

Outline that book.

Launch that business.

Solve that problem.

Learn that lesson. 

Esteem that person.

Spend that time.

Release that proposal.

Make that investment.

Heal that wound. 

Take that call.

Forgive that person.

Have that faith.

Receive that person.

Accept yourself.

Love yourself.