Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


If you've ever taken the brazen step to embark upon your personal development journey and thought it was going to be easy, you've underestimated it many times and you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Maturity costs. Growth charges a fee. A full life requires sacrifice. Figuratively and literally. If you want it you have to be a willing party to what it will transact from and for you.

Like me, you've probably thought that you could discount the findings on your illuminated path because, in your mind, you were "Gucci". You were "I'm good"

and you were "Nah. I'm straight".  You figured you could select the path of least resistance and escape unscathed because it really wasn't that serious. But I promise you that it really is and just like the safety warning we like to ignore that's etched into the looking glass we use everyday, the "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear". 

As it relates to our life, I believe those objects are reflections of ourselves. Our true reflections. Our naked selves. Who we are now and who we must become in order to achieve the highest vision that we have for ourselves. 

It's interesting that when we are shown who we really are; what we are capable of, our fight or flight response activates and we, more often than not, are overcome with extreme fear and choose to run. But we cannot run from ourselves. Not even if we had the speed of Usain Bolt. No matter where we go, we take ourselves with us. If don't believe me, stop reading this, and try your damnedest to leave yourself behind. You simply can't!

The one thing about life that's constant is growth and whether you choose it to be retarded or liberated, growth is inevitable. 

I'm grateful for the people that I have encountered on my path that existed and exist as luminaries. Reflecting light and illuminating my path. Exposing my blind spots. Showing me that which I was and am unable to see due to my sometimes voluntary blindness and at others times involuntary ignorance. A luminary that I encountered once told me "I'm here to tell you to go higher" and while my ego didn't understand it at the time nor did I want to accept it, I do now. And for that I am grateful. 

Thank you all for pushing and nudging me. For cussing me out and blocking me. For calling me out and holding me accountable. For your threats and warnings. For not returning my texts and calls. For ignoring my emails. For pulling away when I needed to grow in isolation. For your disloyalty and your loyalty. For your hate and your love. For recommending to me books to read and seminars to attend. I needed that sh*t. 

Without you all I wouldn't be the man that I am today. 

The objects in or presented by your mirror(s) are closer than they appear.  

- A Rebel With A Pen