Do What You Love

Why do we waste time doing things or spending time with people that we are not nor are we willing to become passionate about? 

I say do whatever and be with whomever that (legally) gives you joy. Maybe, it's running kites or perhaps it's crafting hand-baskets for those going to Hell with an E-ZPass. (Just kidding about the last part, by the way.) Who knows? Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, do it. Hell, be a damn good kite runner. Monetize it, too, while you're at it because if the world can accept another rapper every second, surely, goodness and mercy, it can embrace a dope-ass kite whisperer rivaling that of the character in Khaled Hosseini's bestseller. 

I think we kid ourselves when we shelve our passions and talents and opt for something that is safe and offers security? Huh? What safety and security? Especially when most terms of employment are contractual and at-will. Besides, we didn't choose our gifts in the first place. Our gifts chose us. And if they chose us, there is a force greater than ourselves at play and we would know it if only we would introduce ourselves to it. 

It's not like we stood in a self-checkout line with our gifts in tow waiting to purchase them. Nope. That didn't happen. Because if it did, maybe, just maybe, I would have opted for Barack's oratorical skills, bagged in paper and in plastic for safe handling. Nah. I changed my mind. I wouldn't have been able to put up with America because---umm---Charlottesville.

What we do wait in line for day after day, though, are our life's version of Healthy Choice meals that makes us feel superficially good about ourselves all the while raising our blood pressure because they actually are shitty and taste like shit, but we're too afraid to stop eating shit because eating shit has become so comfortable for us that we'd rather eat shit rather than be "the shit". If that makes sense. (It makes sense to me). 

What I write about and photograph comes from a place of truth and joy. I love it. I'd do it even if I never received a dime, but that's not gonna happen. The right people and money are on their way. I sat on my gifts and talents for years. I doubted myself. I was afraid. Hell, I still am afraid at times, but I do my best to present myself to the world and let it deal with it. It ain't up to me or you to be liked, but it is up to you and me to be exposed---in a good way, that is. Do what you love. 

Don't simply exist; LIVE. Don't build empires for other people and remain in the slums of your fears; DREAM. Don't hate on the people around you when you can ask pointed questions about their success; COLLABORATE. Don't allow the cataracts of your mind to obstruct the reality of the present; be a VISIONARY. Don't accept mediocrity, be EXCELLENT. 

I promise you, whatever the Creator deposited in you is waiting for your withdrawal. 

Do what you love.