Umar Johnson

What's absolutely insane about this months-long, attempted high-tech lynching of Umar Johnson is that it is entirely hypocritical and reeks of hate. There are legions of other Black leaders that have built platforms on lies yet Umar seems to be at the epicenter of all misdirected and misguided hate from Black folk who simply cannot stand to see another Black man, who happens to think differently than them, win.

Is Umar a scapegoat or nah? Countless black leaders of faith, spiritual consciousness, or a lack thereof do not have college degrees---hell, some of them can barely read--- yet their coffers are religiously filled with money. Money that many Black folk cannot afford to part ways with, let alone to a man or woman of so-called faith that is seemingly more interested in showcasing opulence and wealth on Earth than anything else. Why aren't more Black folk asking for those receipts?

The entire smear campaign against Umar has been petty from the start. Much of the commentary is based in ad hominem attacks. I've read an account from one particular popular Black media platform that I won't name that subtly slighted his beard. Yes, his beard! Damn. But anyway, I digress. Why is it a problem that he supports the betterment of Black and African people? Sure, he is problematic at times, but who isn't? I really don't care that he had a sexual rendezvous with a black stripper. Everyone has their vices. Dr. MLK, Jr. cheated on Coretta yet we still venerate the man like he did no wrong. We separate his private life from his public life. Why is that same benefit not applied in this situation? And his beef with General Seti. Yeah, f*ck that, too. W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington didn't see eye to eye, either. Neither did Malcolm X and Dr. King. Finally, as for his position on homosexuality...Once again, the Black Church at large is opposed to homosexuality yet the show goes on and probably will continue to go on until Black Jesus returns.

I think we all need to look in the mirror. And perhaps we need to wipe the toothpaste spit bubbles off first so we can see more clearly.