Maia Campbell

The Black media spotlight on Maia Campbell is absolutely disturbing to me.

It's sadistic that Black media sites are sharing the story in an exploitive manner. One minute it's #BlackLivesMatter and the next it's blaxploitation. Which one is it? Then, there is the legion of commenters on those sites saying that Maia needs to make better choices and get her life together. Gee. Thanks for sharing. They obviously do not understand mental illness and they must make the right choices all of the time.

Maia Campbell is a human being and in the family of interconnected life, she is my sister. She is not a crackhead. She is not a thot. She is not a ho. She is a beautiful human being, a woman, with a mental illness who sometimes doesn't make the right decisions, especially when she doesn't take her medication. That is all.

If we ever decide that we want to evolve as a collective, we must learn to see the humanity in all people, especially our own.

I pray that she is afforded privacy, peace, and holistic recovery in her life sooner rather than later.