R. Kelly

Against my better judgement I read the recent BuzzFeed exposé on Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly aka Kells aka The Pied Piper of Pedophilia aka The R&B Beelzebub and folks, I almost don't even know what to say.

SMH. There are some things I just do not understand in this world. Like, Easy Mac because there ain't nothing easy about some good-ass, down-home mac and cheese like my momma makes it. But I'm not here to talk about mac and cheese.

I simply do not understand why so many people cannot stay away from Robert Kelly. The guy is the personification of the section you dare not access on PornHub even from your worst enemy's computer. He's Black Lucifer. He's Hell's minister of music. He sings in the key of pedophilia.

Yet, so many people especially many of my own skinsmen continue to celebrate him as if he's worthy to be praised and I am sincerely confused because my feelings about him are not trapped in the closet at all.

I ran a quick search on Facebook and noticed that 29 people on my friends list are followers of Robert, most of them being women---Black women. And I'm not here to judge, but sheesh. Anyway, I'll leave that alone.

I used to be a fan of his music. I often wondered why explicit sex was his modus operandi in all of his songs, but I excused it all in the name of a good beat. At some some point, though, I just could not in good conscience continue to support a man who paraded his sexual exploits like they were normal because that sh*t wasn't and still ain't normal. I'm a healthy, heterosexual Black man and I like sex, but not with underage girls or even women who remotely look to be underage. Hell, not even with women who like underage things.

We can do better. Robert is never going to change so it's time we step in the name
of love for ourselves and shut the Chocolate Factory down. Forever.