Be Who and What You Want to Attract

 “A truly good friend will openly correct you.” (Proverbs 27:5 CEV)

As such I’m having this transparent conversation with myself.

I’ve been told since immemorial, “You look so innocent” and I’ve hidden behind that. I’ve used it to my advantage and weaseled and snaked my way throughout life.

Many years of my life (even recently) have been built upon an elaborate game of “Hide and Seek”. I’d do the hiding and the seeking, too. Hiding behind masks and personalities was my m.o. and so was lying. I’d don masks to alleviate whatever pain I was going through at the time or to, more importantly, avoid accountability and responsibility.

I’ve worn so many masks that, at times, I’ve been confused about who I was in the mask. Did I take on the personality of the mask or was I still myself? What’s crazy is that while wearing said masks, I’ve sought out the company and relationships of others only to realize that we attracted one another not on the basis of authenticity, but simply because like attracts like. Period. Nothing more. Nothing less. In essence, we both were weak souls seeking to feed on one another whether we realized it or not. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. I was saying hello to Felicia and she was calling Tyrone. 

In retrospect, from the outside looking in, I’m not sure I’d want to befriend the version of me that I was, and I don’t blame or criticize those didn’t. I was attracting people and thinking that everything was dope, not realizing it was a resounding nope, but based on who I was and what I was giving the Universe to work with, it responded in kind. And that’s how this’ll sh*t works.

If you’re attracting sh*theads, the survey says . . . *ding* you’re a sh*thead, too ✅ If you’re attracting addicts, chances are, you’re an addict yourself ✅ On the flip side, though, if you’re whole and complete, your circle is compromised of people who are one and the same ✅.

So be who and what you want to attract because sustainable (keyword) growth in life is not predicated upon what you have, what you can amass, how well you can impress people with fakery, but solely on who you authentically are.