The Audacity of Nope

I'm audacious enough to declare that going forward I will say no to all things that don't speak to my truth.

I mean that with the thug passion of the Christ, too.

I'm flipping over tables in temples and cursing fig trees just because.

When sh*t hits the fan, I'm taking a knee to text and chill in the sand in order to dodge said sh*t, of course, and then stand up, dust my hands, and be like: "Are you finished?"

I'm stiff-arming pushback like a spray-on hairline on a Bigen diet.

I won't be clapping back, but I will be crossing tracks.

To the other side, that is. The place where the air is sweet. Where life lives and breathes unencumbered with the politics of petty.

I refuse to debate with the politicos of negative energy.

I'd rather not converse about much of anything else, but the state of my mind.

Why? Because my mind controls everything around me or at least how I respond to it anyway.

It is said, "mind over matter".

I don't mind it, so it doesn't matter.

In other words, it doesn't materialize because I don't focus my thoughts on it.

I'd rather...stay unapologetically focused.