Do Something Strange For Some Change

Vulnerability is very ugly. When you face yourself, not just in the mirror, but within the echo chamber of your pains, fears, and insecurities, you realize that your sh*t DOES stink. I mean, you should probably prepare yourself ahead of time and have on-hand an economy-size pack of Charmin and Glade Air Freshener and, oh, don’t forget the Wet Wipes, because it’s just that bad and “I don’t know where your hands been”.  

In the vacuum of surrender, you realize that the person you projected outward for friend requests was really not you after all, but in essence a hologram that had more in common with Tupac at Coachella.  

So ask yourself: How do you want it? (Some of y’all got the reference.)

Before you answer, though, know in advance that you can’t have it both ways. You can either have the real you or the skewed view of you.

Kinda like an Oreo, right? Black on the outside, but white on the inside. Chocolate on the outside, but vanilla on the inside? But don't they taste so good, though? Especially with a cold-ass glass of milk! Mannnn, you already know!

And therein lies the struggle.

Allow me to illustrate my point. Raise your hands where my eyes can see (some of y'all got that reference, too) if you want to lose weight or ever wanted to lose weight? I know I can’t see your hands in the air right now, but I imagine that at least one of you faithful readers raised a hand. Hell, I raised mine 6 months ago. Both of them, probably.

Now, weight loss is simple. Less calories in. More calories out. It’s all basic math, really. However, before the process can begin and for it to last, an internal conversation must take place outlining the negative thoughts and habits that have gotten you to the point that you're at right now. Then you have to eliminate them and replace them with positive thoughts and habits that will foster the environment in which your weight loss goals can thrive.

That said, I’ve learned that many of us refuse to get out of our own way because we don’t equate the future reward to be worth the current cost and so we in essence remain in a blind spot, oblivious to our true selves and our potential, until we decide to make a change.

I commit to stay in conversation with myself, naked and unafraid, and take the necessary actions to achieve the desired results I want for myself.

If it means doing "something strange for some change", so be it. 

Will you?