Kanye West Isn't Normal But He Never Set Out To Be

Okay, so I didn't watch the cell-phone-camera grade, 15-minute video footage of Kanye West’s most recent rant at a concert in Sacramento, California, but I did read the transcript in its entirety, and I have to admit that Ye spit some serious impromptu jewels that night.

Sure, it was uncouth and out of the norm, but that's what is so beautiful about it. Peep history. Visionary and avant-garde artists of all kinds were never embraced at first. Hell, many of them only received notoriety and fandom posthumously.

I agree with him one hundred percent that the radio and music industry is stale and stagnant. It is NOT the incubator for creativity nor the vehicle for equal exposure of artists of music. If you tune your radio to your local hip-hop radio station, I can guarantee to you that you will hear the same few songs over and over and over again. It’s no wonder that listeners have opted for music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music.

Barring the acknowledgement of his would-be alignment with Donald Trump and the tangents in which he disclosed sensational details from personal conversations between he and others in his social circle, Kanye taught from a curriculum that went against the grain---in a good way. We cannot continue to do the same things, but expect a different outcome. Beyoncé is fine and all and of course we’re going to let her finish, but what about all the other deserving and highly-talented artists? Shouldn’t they receive just as much shine if not more? It’s insanity to continue to operate in a state of monopoly.

Speaking of insanity, many have claimed that Kanye is “crazy”, “bipolar”, “narcissistic” or “schizophrenic”, even. I’m no mental health professional and I don’t know the brother personally, but I think he is contening with a lot of emotional pain right now.

Regardless, as stated in scripture, “Gifts come without repentance” and as controversial and enigmatic as Kanye West is, and has been since his “Graduation”, he’s always going to give us something to talk about. Something that moves the crowd. I believe that all artists have a duty to be curators of their craft and move it forward for the better. In a narcissistic, egotistical, and otherwise raw fashion, sans Kim Kardashian, I think Kanye West does just that.

I think we all should move in a little closer and read between the lines of what Mr. West actually said.