Tea and Trump-ets

I've never been one to blow on things---particularly penises and trumpets---but I imagine they both require the perfect combination of lip service, suction, and hot air to deliver a performance that does more good than harm.

Speaking of trump-ets, earlier this morning I read a rather interesting article on Reuters about the expectations of Trump supporters and I have to be honest with you; I'm not really concerned about Trump.

Donald Trump is not desperate; the man is a billionaire. He has his own fleet of personal ground and aerial transportation. Trump doesn't need Air Force One. He doesn't need America. Hell, he's a one-percenter. I think he's a blowhard that just wanted to prove that he could win the presidency and he did.

So now what?

Now, many of the people that voted for him ARE very desperate.

I mean they would suck Trump's phallus to climax and swallow if it ejaculated high salaries for archaic factory roles, extreme immigration control despite this land being stolen from the indigenous people in the first place, religious intolerance in a country built on the laurels of freedom, and more.

In my intelligent and logic-based estimation (not absolute truth), it seems that they are more apt to damage this country than Trump is.

I view white supremacy and white desperation the same way I view radical Islamic fundamentalism; it's rooted in idiocy and fear. Sadly, it's challenging albeit not totally impossible to snuff out an idiotic ideology based on fear. It just might take a while.

That said, what happens when those radicals feel as though they don't have anything to lose? Well, they show out.

I suspect these white radicals will attempt to hold Trump's feet to the fire, but do I believe Trump will actualize all of his talking points?


It's just not economically and politically feasible.

Trump supporters just might get rawly screwed, but it's what they wanted after all. They rallied for it. They begged for it. They wanted to be his sycophant apprentices.

It might get a little ugly for some, but America will be alright.

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

No pun intended.