Clarence Thomas

Earlier, I read a headline on the titled "Petition launched to include Clarence Thomas in African American museum" with the following question in the subtext: "Do you think the African American Museum should have celebrated Clarence Thomas?" Hmmm. Good question. Black America has a particularly estranged relationship with Clarence Thomas. His misogynist, chauvinist relationship with his assistant, Anita Hill, and some of his controversial dissents on the Supreme Court notwithstanding come to mind.

But how can we learn from history if there is no record of it?

Now, I'm no champion for Clarence Thomas yet I think he should be included in the archives of history---African American History to be specific. History is a study of the past. That said, we shouldn't piecemeal history, but acknowledge the wholeness of it. We don't have to celebrate him to include him. Nor do we have to plaster his image or likeness in a grand exhibit.

Acknowledgement says that Clarence Thomas exists and for a reason. We may not always like the reason, but it doesn't negate his purpose and function. We need to embrace all members of the Black family. Some of them are estranged and in need of love albeit from a distance at times. Clarence Thomas is one of us whether we want to accept him or not.

Go'on head and pass me the black eye peas, Clarence, but just know that I ain't forgot what you did. LOL