Life's Pedagogy

Life has a pedagogy all of its own.

In its curriculum, you cannot skip lessons. Choosing your own adventure when you don't feel like following the lesson plan in the syllabus is not a viable option. Premature requests to be moved up a grade level because YOU feel you are ready for the next level will be DENIED---red-inked rubber stamp included. Life will graduate you when life knows that you are ready. It is imperative that you are always present for class and that you take notes in preparation for exams. Failure to do assigned homework will be evident in your behavior. Trust me, life will call you out on it.

Examinations may be incremental or comprehensive. They may be scheduled or unscheduled. Typically, they're pop quizzes, though; the fill-in-the-blank kind! The ones that will have you gnawing at your pencil's eraser and praying for the answers. Our favorite, right? Yikes! They may come in the form of an unexpected unfavorable change in financial status, a job that you finally landed that's accompanied with an annoying boss or co-worker, a noisy neighbor or, a real doozy, falling out with friends and family. I can attest to all the above.

Now, CliffNotes for Life or Life for Dummies aren't available at the time of this post's publishing, but the good news is that life doesn't leave you without some sort of tutorial if you're willing to do the research to find it and if necessary, remedial training.