My apologies. I didn't see your hand raised. What's your question? Oh, you want to know about me? Okay, cool. I'm a Harrisburg, PA-born, Black man with a proclivity for creating. Creating what? I mean, really, whatever piques my interest at the time. You can catch me outside (or inside) reading and writing about my thoughts on spirituality, mental health, maturing through manhood, society and culture, health and fitness, and also randomness. You may also find me around the DMV (DC/MD/VA) preserving moments in time with my Canon 6D DSLR camera. 

Why I Write:

Honestly, because I feel like I'm compelled to. I feel like I'd implode or explode (whichever comes first) with creative energy if I didn't. Writing is a major component of my spiritual practice AND, more importantly, since I'm not much of a fighter, I figure that being a writer is the next best thing if not THEE best thing. *shrug* In all seriousness, though, writing is my therapeutic and authentically creative way of saying what's on my mind without going to jail. Anyway, I'm done talking here. I do more on my blog posts which is where and what I'd like to you spend most of your time reading.  Oh! I almost forgot. Before I go, I give you express consent to follow me at:

Facebook: @arebelwithapen

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